Booklicious: Getting Personal with the LRB

July 08, 2010


The London Review of Books is Britain's most esteemed literary magazine. Published fortnightly, it features essays, reviews and the most outrageous personal ads ever set in type. The following is a selection from the latest issue. 

*My dream dinner party would feature Jaroslav Hasek, Churchill and Robert Walser. I would get drunk and abusive and retreat to my room to fix the carriage return on my vintage Imperial Good Companion. You would come to placate me, only to be hectored about Erik Satie's umbrella collection. Male, 31, no lover of dinner parties.
box no: 12/02

*Bioinformatics (!) researcher (27, North London) seeks girlfriend. Gothic lit fan preferred.
box no: 13/01

*More Helvetica Neue than Times New Roman. Coolly passionate, bookish, stylish F academic, 40, seeks M who’s sorted yet edgy for art, film, books, politics, typography. London.

*Cynical is the new sexy. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm not buying that. Seeking like-minded, 60ish m, kind, smart, funny, for friendship/romance. Supple upper lip welcome. Must love classical music and dogs.

*Jack seeks Lemon


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