Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

July 28, 2010


It may look like a stealth bomber, but appearance is where the resemblance ends. Whereas the super-secret spy plane does all it can to go unnoticed, the Pyramid bookcase is pretty much clamoring for your attention. Pyramid is an aluminum bookcase created by Italian manufacturer Fitting, whose expertise is modular furniture. True to form, Fitting's bookcase can be stacked and switched and styled in whatever way you wish. There are four sizes of the bookcase - the regular Pyramid (165" by 287"), the Half Pyramid (90" by 287"), Pyramid 4 (90" by 144") and Pyramid 3 (72" by 108"). You can also insert panels in silver, black or red to add a little more pop to the shelving (because eye-catching appeal is something it's sorely lacking, you know). 

[Half Pyramid]

[Pyramid 4]

[Pyramid 3]

I won't even discuss price - it's modern Italian design and you have to request a price list; enough said - but you can learn more about Pyramid at Fitting's very sleek site here.


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