Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

May 28, 2010


*Today, L. Ron Hubbard is known mainly for his Scientology legacy than his literary one, but before his Xenu-centered doctrine gained fame, he was one of the leading pulp writers of his day. To mark his and the genre's achievements, Galaxy Press is giving away an 80GB iPod filled with more than 150 hours of audiobooks penned by the writer. For more details, click here.

*To Kill a Mockingbird, that mainstay of high school English classes, is turning 50, and to mark the occasion, HarperCollins is organizing a host of events through September 22. Four new editions of the book are to be released in June, but the famously reclusive Lee is not expected to make an appearance during the summer of festivities. Her book has not been out of print since it was originally published in 1960, and it sells nearly one million copies every year. 

*It's been nearly 20 years since Terry McMillan shot into the spotlight with Waiting to Exhale, but this summer will see exclusive excerpts from her sequel, Getting to Happy, published in Essence magazine as part of its Summer Fiction Series. The first excerpt will be featured in the June issue of the magazine, with following excerpts running through the September issue. The book will be released September 7. 

*The Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group have announced the winners of its 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. The fiction prize went to Keith Remer's The Hiding Place of Thunder, and the nonfiction to American Idle: A Journey Through Our Sedentary Culture by Mary Collins. The rest of the winners can be found here.

*Good news, tech-savvy Harry Potter lovers! No e-book versions of Rowling's beloved novels currently exist, but her agency recently announced that it is actively "exploring options and opportunities that this evolving space provides."


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