Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

May 07, 2010


*There's a new social networking site that really takes the term "social networking" to a new level. Called Fitfinder (fit is a Britishism comparable to hot - with or without the extra t (what's with that, by the way?)), it's a Twitter-like site used by students studying in the library. See a young Gore Vidal? Post about it on the site; include your number if you're really daring. Read more here

*One Book, One Twitter, the worldwide book club held via Twitter, launched with Neil Gaiman's American Gods as the first read. Pretty cool!

*Jacket Copy has compiled a bunch of Flickr photos of people reading in a variety of places in celebration of spring. It's pretty lovely.

*Oprah picked 10 books she read in the past 10 years that meant the most to her. It's an interesting list, and it's not just a regurgitation of her book club picks, in case you were wondering. (I know you were wondering.)


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