Booklicious: Bookcase Wednesday

May 19, 2010


Got a lot of books and money but not a lot of space? Then do what Veronika and Sebastian did: hire a team of kickass architects to build you a hidden staircase bookcase.

Levitate Architects, the London firm that created this marvel, described the project:

"We created a 'secret' staircase, hidden from the main reception room, to access a new loft bedroom lit by roof lights. Limited by space, we melded the idea of a staircase with our client's desire for a library to form a 'library staircase' in which English oak stair treads and shelves are both completely lined with books. With a skylight above lighting the staircase, it becomes the perfect place to stop and browse a tome. The stair structure was designed as an upside down 'sedan chair' structure (with Rodrigues Associates, Structural Engineers, London) that carries the whole weight of the stair and books back to the main structural walls of the building. It dangles from the upper floor thereby avoiding any complicated neighbour issues with the floors below."

If you're a heavy reader, this staircase library would be doubly rewarding. :) I do wonder about dust and dirt, though, seeing as the books are at floor level. 

[via Apartment Therapy]


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