Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

April 23, 2010


*You may have noticed that I haven't really posted anything about the iPad, despite predictions it will revolutionize publishing. It's not because I'm not interested; rather, other people are writing about it far better than I ever could. This New Yorker article is one of the best out there.  

*Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is opening a new store in the West Village. Instead of selling clothes, however, this one will sell...books. Rumor has it the bookshop will be called Book Marc.  

*Mark Twain died exactly 100 years ago this past Wednesday. The Guardian has a quiz to test just how well you know the Huck Finn author. With only 4 out of 12 right, apparently I don't know him at all.

*Excited about the new Sex and the City movie and the Carrie Bradshaw prequel? The London Times has an interview with Candace Bushnell and an excerpt from the long-awaited book.

*A new cookbook featured a rather unusual ingredient: "freshly ground black people." 

*McSweeney's posted a mock job opening that media types will find both hilarious and depressingly accurate.


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