Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

April 16, 2010


*Warning! Your tweets are no longer your own! The Library of Congress announced it will be archiving every tweet broadcast since Twitter's inception in 2006. More than 50 million tweets go out daily, so one can only imagine the amount of digital space the archive will take up. Wowzers. 

*Awesomely bookish blog GalleyCat posted a video of a cat playing with an iPad. It's two-ish minutes of cute you should definitely watch. 

*The Pulitzer Prize winners have been announced. There's another heap o' books added to my to-read list.

*I'm working my way through L.M. Montgomery's Anne books for the millionth time and just finished Anne's House of Dreams, which boasts the inimitable Captain Jim. So it's kind of perfect that I then stumbled on the Guardian's list of the top 10 seafaring tales

*In honor of National Poetry Month, the American Academy of Poets has commissioned top New York bartenders to whip up poetry-themed cocktails. I'll drink to that!


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