Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

April 02, 2010


*Looks like some editors' kids had a finger in their parents' work pies this week. HuffPo has a roundup of the creepiest children's books (ever!), the Guardian has compiled the best heroes from children's fiction, and Flashlight Book Recommendations has a list of the best Passover fiction for kids.

*April is National Poetry Month. Sign up at to get a daily poem emailed to you through the month. You also can download the iPhone app, attend a gala/reading in NYC, and check out the neat poetry mapping dealio they put together on the site. 

*Twilight fans, Stephenie Meyer has heard your pleas and is extending your vampire fix. A new novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, will go on sale this June, with a free download available on from June 7 to July 5. One dollar from each book sold will go to the American Red Cross.

*Tax refund too small to cover a shiny new iPad? GalleyCat's got a list of contests offering the latest Apple icon as a prize.

*The juiciest piece of gossip to emerge this year won't be on the cover of People or Us Weekly. Instead, it will be published by the University of California, Berkeley. It's the 5,000-page autobiography of Mark Twain, which he dictated in his final years and which includes a nearly 500-page "blackmail dossier" that details the attempts at seduction performed by his secretary. Twain stipulated that the autobiography be kept private for 100 years after his death. The autobiography will be published in three volumes. I'm reserving a spot on my bookshelves now.


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