Booklicious: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

March 05, 2010


Now, this post is another Alice-related bit, but it's also so much more. So even if you're not interested in more Alice, don't jump ship just yet. I think you'll find it worth your time.

Yesterday, I mentioned the original version of the book - Alice Under Ground - and that you can fork over about $160 to get your own facsimile copy. If you're not feeling so flush at the moment, however, don't despair - the amazing, wonderful, bountiful British Library has volunteered its Fairy Godmother services. I discovered that it has an incredible online resource called Turning the Pages, in which you can flip through some of the priceless books in its collection, page by precious page, including Carroll's handwritten Alice manuscript. Feel like browsing some original Mozart compositions, complete with audio accompaniment? Now you can. Want to flick through some of Jane Austen's early writing? No problem. William Blake, Leonardo da Vinci? Ditto and ditto. Start your weekend off right by diving in.


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