Booklicious: How to Write a Better Book

March 29, 2010


Today, I'm switching perspective from those who read to those who write (not that the two are mutually exclusive, of course!). If you're writing a book - and it seems like all the cool kids are nowadays - you might want to take a peek at the Guardian's list of rules for writing fiction. They've created the list using the wise words of some pretty darn famous authors - Roddy Doyle, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, for example - so if anyone knows how to write a successful contemporary novel, it's these guys, and each has their own must-follow pieces of advice. Some are funny - get an accountant, work on a computer disconnected to the internet - some serious - write a book you'd like to read, write every day. All are interesting.

Read part one of the rules here, part two here.


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