Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

March 19, 2010


*Are you a female writer working on a book but short on the requisite money and room of one's own? Well, one writers' charity is offering to come to your rescue. Intrigued? Read the rules here, an analysis of the scheme here

*It's my belief that books are like cockroaches; they'll stick around no matter what. I offer some supporting evidence: in February, one e-book was downloaded for every four mobile game apps, down from one e-book to six game apps in October, and e-books are the biggest content category in the App Store. In short, people heart books, in every way.  

*I tweeted about this on Tuesday, but I think news this momentous deserves more attention: there's a new play attributed to Shakespeare. Cue the flurry of new leather-bound anthologies!

*The New York Times has a fantastic article about vocabulary size. You should read it. (It's written by the guy who read the O.E.D. Yes, the whole thing. In one year.)


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