Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

February 05, 2010


*This one's for you, U.K. readers. British GQ just announced the start of a nonfiction writing contest for students; the winner gets £1,000, will perhaps be published in the mag, and - best of all - will get to romp about for a month in Norman Mailer's house in Massachusetts. Get cracking!

*Well, it was inevitable: Lady Gaga fever will soon be reaching bookshelves. The Overloook Press will release the first biography of the flamboyant singer, aka Stefani Germanotta, next month. The tome clocks in at 288 pages, 32 of which are dedicated to photos.

*In more music news, Lee Brackstone, editorial director at Faber, posted an open letter on the publisher's website asking singer Morrissey to let the company be the one to publish his memoirs. In what basically amounted to shameless grovelling, Brackstone wrote, "forlorn as this hope may be, I can only fantasise that at least you might read my letter through and consider the pleasures and prestige of being an author at Faber, the last great family-owned independent publishing house in the western hemisphere." Astonishingly, Morrissey has yet to respond. 

*This one's lengthy (and juicy!), so here's the Cliff Notes version: Publisher Macmillian challenged Amazon's e-book pricing. Amazon removed buy buttons from all Macmillan titles on its site. Macmillan didn't budge. Amazon backed down. Macmillan won. Cause: the still-to-be-released iPad and iBook store. Oooh...

*Reclusive Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson gave his first interview since 1989. It's been almost 15 years since Watterson ended the revered comic strip.


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