Booklicious: The Skiff: The First E-Reader Worth a Damn

January 12, 2010


I wouldn't consider myself Luddite-esque when it comes to e-readers; I just have doubts about their allegedly industry-shaking ability to change how we print and read books. I really don't see people curling up at night and reading by the grey glow of their e-readers. I do think they will revolutionize some media - newspapers, for example - and become the device of choice for a number of other industries, but that's another post entirely. 

Anyway, I've been unimpressed by the devices currently on the market, but a new contender debuted at last week's International CES that grabbed my attention. It's called The Skiff Reader, and it's the only e-reader I could be persuaded to purchase thus far. It's bigger, thinner and more flexible than any reader currently for sale - it's so flexible, in fact, that it bends. The reason for this is that its screen isn't made of glass like most; instead, it has a metal-foil display that claims to be shatter and crack proof. The display has four times the resolution of most of its competitors, and the battery supposedly lasts an entire week. It's also completely internet ready, via 3G, WiFi and USB hookup and has an in-built speaker and audio jack. In short, it's got incredible potential. 

Read more about it at Skiff's website.


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