Booklicious: Roundup: Literary Board Games

January 25, 2010


I love group board games. Unfortunately, Mr. Booklicious and I recently moved to a new city, which has put a severe dent in our social lives and thus a damper on competitive play. But for all of you who do throw game nights, here's a collection of bookish board games that look like a good time. 

Photo: Angela Monika Arnold 

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night; $39.95; from Good Read Games

Literati Challenge; $29.95; from Barnes & Noble 

Booktastic! (available in Family or Modern Lit editions); $29.50; from Amazon 
Bookology; $32; from Amazon

Bookchase (also available in a Penguin edition); £29.95; from

Bookopoly; $19.95; from Amazon 
The Dangerous Book for Boys Game; $39.99; from Amazon 

Liebrary; $34.95; from Barnes & Noble 
Trivial Pursuit Book Lovers' Edition; $22.95-$35.99; from Amazon 

American authors chess set; $104.96; from Barnes & Noble


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