Booklicious: The Bed That People Can't Stop Blogging About

January 11, 2010


If you look at my Now Reading page, you'll see that I read a fair bit. I don't limit myself to books, however - I'm also a fairly avid browser of home design blogs, which is how I came across this odd little bed. Intrigued, I tracked down the original source of all the publicity - a BBC News story - and discovered that this piece has been a fixture on design blogs for five years! The designer of the bed, Nottingham University graduate Karen Babel, won a 2005 prize for the unique bed/bookcase hybrid, prompting a flurry of attention that has yet to dissipate. It seems the bed is so noteworthy - in every sense - that people can't stop talking about it.  

The mattress stands upright against the wall, supported by five storage cubes mounted to the wall. When it's time to sleep, the mattress comes off the wall, slots together and forms a unified sleeping surface. 

So, what do you think? Weird, wonderful, or what's the big deal?


jennie said... @ January 25, 2010 at 11:18 PM

Great idea for a guest room. I must admit that I'd be too lazy to consistently put it back together unless I went back in time and still lived in my studio.

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