Booklicious: Friday Bookmarks

December 18, 2009


*Natalie Portman has signed on to produce and star in the movie version of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I guess she's trying to flesh out her resume. (Too obvious?)

*A first edition of Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There signed by Carroll and dedicated to his real-life Alice, Alice Liddell, sold for $115,000 at auction Wednesday. Obviously, Alice found pots of cash inside the looking glass. The End.

*Children's publishers are increasingly coming out with retellings of Bible stories, this time with a less religious bent (how is that even possible?) "It is a really important to me that they know these stories," said Diane Reilly, an atheist and mother of two from Sussex, England. "It is as much a part of the culture in this country as any other story. Rather like Aesop's fables, they are just traditional touchstones." Huh. 

*Want to win free stuff? Browse through Vintage International's collection of Nabakov covers by John Gall (they are dreeeamy), pick your favorite and explain why. The most original argument wins. 

*Publishers Weekly caught heat for running a cover photo of a woman with her head covered in hair picks for its feature "Afro Picks: New books and trends in African-American Publishing." PW Senior News Editor Calvin Reid wrote via Twitter: "I admit that I love afro picks! In the 1970s I had many just like them also stuck in my massive afro ... and it's a story about 'picking' books. I love dumb jokes. While I respect everyone who may be offended, I think the photo is a delightful and wry expression of historical Afro Americana."


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