Booklicious: Stephen King Poem Appears in Playboy

November 05, 2009


Husbands and boyfriends, listen up: there's now one issue of Playboy for which the excuse "I only get it for the articles" will work. Stephen King, better known for his pulp novels, will show off his poetic prowess in the November issue of the magazine with a piece titled "The Bone Church."

The poem tells the story of a doomed jungle expedition as recounted by a man in a bar. "There were thirty-two of us went into that greensore / and only three who rose above it," King writes. "We were thirty days in the green, and only one of us came out." 

The team drops like flies, falling prey to the various creatures of the jungle, until the final three arrive at the bone church, "a million years of bone and tusk, / a whited sepulchre of eternity, a thrashpit of prongs / such as you'd see if hell burned dry to the slag of its cauldron". 

If you feel too awkward to buy the Playboy issue, you have other options. This week's issue of The New Yorker features a new short story by King, and his new novel, Under the Dome, arrives in bookstores next week. The prolific author also has stepped into the realm of graphic storytelling, with his new comic book series, American Vampire, appearing in March 2010.


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