Booklicious: Penguin Classics: I'll Take 1,082 of Them, Please

January 05, 2010


I love Penguin Classics.  The story of Penguin's origins makes my insides go all melty-gooey - wish I could meet that dear man and smother him with grateful kisses - and who can resist those sleekly designed covers? I never can resist placing all my copies next to each other, despite my best efforts to implement an author- or period-based categorization system. Despite my great appreciation for the editions, however, I only recently learned this staggering fact about them: did you know that you can buy the all the Penguin Classics - all 1,082 of them - as a complete set on Amazon? (Gift wrapping is not available for this item, however. I know; I'm disappointed, too.) Doesn't the thought just blow your mind? How do they deliver the 763-pound package? Via a forklifted pallet? An entire shipping container? Does a semi pull up to your door carrying your order and a dedicated team of UPS package handlers? Someone had better order a set so we can find out the answer. By the way, that'll be $8,047.98 - before shipping.


Kindl-Things said... @ January 7, 2010 at 12:35 AM

someone did buy it! i checked out the reviews, full details on the delivery, etc.

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