[the story of a blog called booklicious]

When EVANGELINE MCMULLEN was 9 years old, she invited her friends to a sleepover. After everyone had arrived, she handed each girl a book and settled herself down for a good read. That's the last slumber party she remembers hosting.

Now all grown up, she still doles out books from her thousands-strong personal library, but she does the bulk of her sharing online instead. Editor by day, book blogger by night, she lives in Chicago with her similarly lit-addicted husband.

SARAH MILNER has a secret. It's not that she's an unabashed Austen fan. It's not that she ranks her iPhone as one of the five most important things in her life. It's that as a mother, a wife, an employee, and student, she's likely hiding a Superwoman cape in her closet. That she also manages to write for Booklicious implies she's probably also got Hermione's time turner stashed away.

One could argue that MICHAEL NUHN'S isolated rural upbringing was the force behind his early literary bent. But the more likely reason is that as the son of a principal and a librarian, he didn't stand a chance. Wee Michael's path was destined to follow the curve of those school-library stacks, a path that would lead to an English degree, a book-loving wife, and a job as a big-city copywriter. What comes next? Only Dewey knows.

KAREN PARKINSON is a woman of many talents. As a physics-studying undergrad, she made diamonds for superconductors, making your college career look like four years of underwater basket weaving. Then, she spent a year volunteering in Ecuador for Rostro de Cristo, cuddling orphans and eating pigeons. Today, she works in academia in New England, continuing to make people's lives better — and you feel even guiltier.